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Orion Psychotherapy’s mission is to support expressive experiences of individuals that facilitate meaningful discovery and intentional change. From adults to adolescents, I work with a range of issues focusing on a person centered approach to the work. That means I met you where you are with techniques that match with your struggle. In working with a wide range of struggles, there are a few worth mentioning that I specialize in, those suffering with reactivity/trauma, sexuality, gender, anxiety, loss and teens in general.  

One of the biggest moments in my personal work was when I went to a workshop that actually taught me what is happening on a biological level when we are reactive. Since then I have been studying, developing, and presenting a skeleton structure that offers my clients and me a shared language to use to understand whats happening when humans are reacting from an emotional place. I’ve even gone as far as developed a workbook that I have for sale for ten dollars to get clients started on the right page. Evolution has build us to have biological responses and our work is not to control them but to learn a practice of awareness that influences them over the arc of time. Psychoeducation on whats happening changed the way I relate to the world and I believe it to be an important part of the therapeutic relationship.

A big part of my practice is the space it happens in. I would even go as far as to say that the space describe a lot fo what could happen in therapy with me. Take a look at these photos.

There are chances in life to express yourself with intention, and support to hold space for the work you are doing. Engaging in the practice of psychotherapy can help you to explore the experience of expressing yourself and lead you to more congruency in who you are and want to be.

Feel free to navigate this site, reach out to ask me questions, and at the most, call me to set up a session to try it out.

 I currently not in network with any insurance provider and offer out of network receipts if your insurance offers out of network benefits, and a sliding scale for any client seeking services outside of insurance.

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