Season Two: Teen TAR

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Due to a few factors we have chosen to suspend the second year till the first year comes to a complete end (as the year one artists have decided to do a second show in August 2017). We also have not received the minimum funding to cover the basics (and working hard to secure one more grant or find a key donor) and are taking our time to build a relationship with the SW community. We need to tread gently in this narrative, and make sure we are supporting alongside the community that has a history in this gem of Atlanta. Although we offer support to this community, we need to seek critical feed-back to understand the best way to be present with the way they need support. 

Round two of TAR will target 15-19 year olds and will advance the structure and offerings of the Project. The four teen artists will still receive free monthly individual and group counseling (among other benefits), and work towards a group show. The group session will follow a curriculum of monthly courses with local artist, experiential experiences in the art world, and day long apprenticeships with art happenings. The group sessions will follow these to help the teens process them.

We asked Atlanta to step into the TAR, and through advocacy help the future teens of TAR know what the Atlanta art scene has in store for them. We are very Proud to announce the TAR Team for Round two. Here is a group of individuals who make work that address healing, growth and advance Atlanta’s potential and serve as role models for the teens.

  • Jessica Caldas working with performance art and the body in response to their struggles in their lives
  • Melissa Coffey to do a silks course on facing their fears
  • Austin Frantz documenting self portraits and the work created during the residency for portfolios
  • Lauren Garvey of Atlanta Teen Mentor engaging the wellness wheel to show importance of self-care and goal setting to create a wellness plan
  • Will Massey and his team of artist that work in the Elderly community, inviting the teens to create art with them
  • Malina Rodriguez and Blake Beckham and the folks of the Work Room/The Lucky Penny/Dance Truck on community choreography
  • Tori Tinsley a recent GSU MFA graduate, Walthall Fellow and former Art Therapist TBD once we chose the 4 selected residents
  • Yo Checka! with navigation of social media and journalism

We are looking for a gallery to pair with since the teens will be a little young to do their own gallery finding.

This upcoming year TAR will hold a spot for a teen of color, a queer or trans teen, and one that lives within the SW community where Orion Psychotherapy Studio Office is, all while assessing household income. TAR believes in making artistic therapeutic experiences available to marginalized individuals facing oppression; while addressing the stigma that therapy is only for those with diagnoses or the “ill.”

In October 2016 we received the our first grants from the Pride Committee and

 Awesome Foundation Grant for this round, and have some grants in the work, but need more to cover the basic cost.

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