Coming Soon! We are currently editing the first in the series and will be getting them uploaded here soon! Current clients and access these as they journey through therapy with me, and I have developed them for individuals who want to have more of their own pacing and self study, whether they want to lightly meet with me (such as once a month) or do it on their on their own.

We want this resource to be available to anyone who desires to put in the work and see what change can happen, and even if your unsure if you are ready or believe in “the work.” We have put the initial videos up on Youtube with a passcode. Please fill out this form and feel welcomed to send in a donation, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. This has been a labor or love and to be honest, we haven’t made close to what it cost us to create and make the Guidebook itself. It feel nice to sense this work being sustained, whether you donate or reach out one day and let us know how it supported and maybe even helped change you for the better.