Once we schedule a first session I will ask you to print out these three forms  (Informed Consent, Intake Demographic One Page, & Covid From). We will go over the informed consent in our first session, so don’t get to bogged down in all the details; and if you sign ahead, please put the date of our first session. 

Please fill out the “one page” before our session. If our first session will be remote make sure you send me these 24 hours prior to our session time. 

Informed Consent

Intake Demographics One Page

Covid Form


I typically don’t ask that you fill out the “Full Intake” the first session. However, you are welcome to fill this out if you feel comfortable. Sometimes it good for parents to fill this in about their kids (except for the financial info that is for the parents), for those who have been in therapy before, or for those who just want me to have the information more quickly. Please know that if any part makes you feel uncomfortable you can leave it blank and we can discuss in person at our next session. You will fill this out instead of the “Intake Demographics One Page” above. 

Full Intake

If you need me to talk with anyone (old therapist, psychiatrist, school counselor, etc) please print and fill out this

Release of Information form