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First in a two-part series, Parallels: Holding Space, presents new work by Atlanta artists Kyle Henderson, Julie L. Sims, Steven L. Anderson, and Xenia Simos. The four artists compose the first cohort to complete the Therapeutic Artist Residency, a year-long program led by artist and licensed therapist Orion Crook, LPC.

With Parallels: Holding Space, the artists have created space for drawing, photography, video, vinyl decals, and wall sculpture to push the boundaries of their individual practices. These new artworks have been shaped by a year of intense reflection, transition, personal growth, and empowered empathy.

Parallels: Unfolding Space, the upcoming companion exhibition (July 27–Aug. 19 at Day & Night Projects), will allow these same artists to put this new work through a similar but condensed and collaborative process that will lead to unpredictable results.

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