Applications open March 1st, 2019!

Please know that the address has been corrected to

 Please email  or text 404-500-6102 if you have any questions or just want to chat.  All applications must be in by March 31st at midnight and we will announce the selected resident(s) April 15th, 2019.  

We hope to make this easy.

 In order to make the residency more sustainable this year we have committed to choose one Atlanta based artist, although it is possible we will choose more if funding presents itself. 

We see the definition of “artists” as very broad and encourage those who aren’t traditional artists to apply. We welcome anything from drag to musician among the more traditional art forms.  As long as it can be shown in a gallery setting.

Therapy has many ranges of possibility, we hope that you see this as we do. Therapy is often for the everyday individual who wants to push further into their mental health, spirit, and potential. There is no diagnosis needed for this residency, just a being with a creative mind and desire to push themselves in an artistic direction with the therapeutic in mind.


Do not feel like you need to answer this in a certain format (paragraph or bullet points can be fine). You have the right to be creative. We would love to receive a video of you answering the questions. Do not feel like you need to tell us everything below, we just want to get a feel for you. The shorter and more concise the better in some regards. Don’t get caught up in being the best writer, grammar is not critical here.






Part of town you live in: 



Insurance if you have any, and if you have BCBS please let us know your deductible/mental health copay:

Have you had therapy before/currently?

If you were a character from a fantasy world who would you be?

How did you hear about TAR Project?

How can we make this application/residency better?


:Tell us about you as an artist (max one page-half a page is great too)?:

Review the following bullet points, feel no need to hit all of them. They are just here for inspiration

-Where/How does expression feel most exciting?

-Where in life are you as an artist?

-Why is art important to you?

:Why does a Therapeutic Artists Residency make sense for you (max one page-half a page is great too)?:

-How/Why do you expect therapy to influence you

-Why art and mental health

-What is your relationship to mental health/therapy

-What are your hopes/expectations from TAR

Tell us about your work (max 1 pages-half a page is great too):

-Go for it, takes creative freedom

Part II

Submit 6-10 representations of you as creative. We will not look down upon casual documentation of submitted work as art sometimes happens in the moment. We Encourage phone calls with Orion if you feel so called.  Please submit in the following forms: jpeg, mov, youtube/vemo (preferred for movies or sound but open), wav, pdf (preferred for images but open). Best to put it all in a pdf. 

 Please email  or text 404-500-6102 if you have any questions or just want to chat.