:Season Two:

Round two of TAR will offered 2 artist individuals, Crystal Desai and Shane Dedman, counseling for one year alongside a support group that included 5 more artists and a year one artists, Xenia Simos, as a co-facilitator. to complete a year long intentional residency between art and therapy. This season TAR advanced the structure and offerings of the project by offering weekly individual therapy that lead to the offering of solo shows at Day & Night Projects.  The residents engage in a weekly therapeutic ritual with Orion Crook, LPC, LMHC over the course of a year to explore their art and life making process, how the two can inform one another, and where the therapeutic and their art work meet. Towards the end of the year the group decided to extend for another 6 months and then covid came upon us. Sadly, the group was not able to extend and the effect of covid brought the solo shows to a digital format.

All of this is offered for free to the artist. 

Season Two Residents:

Crystal Desai solo show at Day & Night Galleries

Shane Dedman website

We asked Atlanta to step into the TAR, and through advocacy help the future of TAR know what the Atlanta art scene has in store. We are very Proud to announce the TAR Team for Round two. Here is a group of individuals who make work that address healing, growth and advance Atlanta’s potential. The resident may choose to engage with some of the following as seen fit between the two parties.

  • Jessica Caldas whose performance and visual work is about the lived struggles and social justice
  • Melissa Coffey to do a aerials course, talk fashion and performance
  • Austin Frantz with documenting self portraits and the work created during the final show
  • Lauren Garvey of Atlanta Teen Mentor engaging the wellness wheel to show importance of self-care and goal setting to create a wellness plan
  • Malina Rodriguez and Blake Beckham and the folks of the Work Room/The Lucky Penny/Dance Truck
  • Studio visit with Alli Royce Soble
  • Tori Tinsley a GSU MFA graduate, Walthall Fellow and former Art Therapist
  • Yo Checka! with navigation of social media and journalism

TAR believes in making artistic therapeutic experiences available to marginalized individuals; while addressing the stigma that therapy is only for those with diagnoses.

In October 2016 we received grants from the Pride Committee and

 Awesome Foundation Grant for season two and are seeking funding to continue this lighthouse at the intersection of Art and Therapy!

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