Transgender Therapist

Working with those transitioning their gender is something that in my belief many therapist do well. I do not promise to be the best expert, but my approach to gender is very grounded in wide understandings of what gender is/can be and extensive education on where therapy and transitioning met.

 When working with someone transitioning, I come to the relationship asking how the individual wants me to ride alongside them in their journey. I see the process of transition like an obstacle course that has multiple finish lines, and I work as support to make sure you’ve thought certain aspects through, to be there as support when it gets tough, to vision out a new identity, and sometimes “to be the constant in all the change and unknown, ” as one client put it.  I encourage the client to be the expert in their transition and sometimes the best place to start is with transition time-line.

I do offer one session consultation and a letter if what your seeking is a second letter for a doctor.

Working with someone around sexual orientation may have many relationships with gender but is often its own arena (making new tabs soon!). I work with the range of teens who are coming into questioning their sexuality to more open minded adults who need a therapist who can make room for less stagnant understandings of attraction, intimacy, and attachment without trying to put them into a box.

Orion's Ever Growing Resource

I continue to seek education around LGBTQ issues and sensitivity, as well as work with the LPCA (Licensing Professional Counselor Association) on the Continuing Education Committee to bring in more workshops focusing on developing safer and more understanding around these communities I will be facilitating workshops in 2017 to support this mission. I am on the board, a founding member, and co-chair of the Marketing Committee for the LGBTQ Therapeutic Resource and that is a resource and a database for Queer and Transgender supportive specific therapist and a co-chair for the Healthcare Access Committee and member of ACFLY (Atlanta Coalition for LGBT Youth) .

Here is are link to a great resources for TransHealth , and a more general resource list from  Pride School Atlanta, and a LGBT Youth focused directory of organizations that are part of Atlanta’s Coalition for LGBTQ Youth.