Orion Crook


Therapist Atlanta, Ga

Orion Crook has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of West Georgia, a Humanistic Praxis Certificate and is a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapist.

The practice of psychotherapy is an art form that is an engagement in the science of psychology. My training covers a wide range of theory and techniques, with emphasis on the Humanistic approach to therapy and living. Some particulars that stood out in my studies are the Gestalt, Existential and Experiential approaches in the therapeutic relationship. In my opinion, these all take a focus on what is present in the room and the experience of expression of the client. I find that expression in all of its form is an access point that can help us explore who you are and what you are trying to create in life, and by this I mean rage, sadness, bliss, and the acts we sometimes want to hide.

What I find critical to the work we will engage in is the relationship between us. Who you are, what you bring, and the way you see the world will inform how I approach you in the therapeutic relationship.  I find myself often encouraging my clients to have compassion for the parts of themselves they can’t stand, identify their patterns, relate these understanding to their past, and from here try something in a different light and keep collecting data.

A client I have worked with for over a year and half wrote this for me to post on this site. Maybe it can help guide you:

A Client’s Letter

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